Pooductive Is A Messaging App That Connects People On The Toilet.

This App Lets You Chat To People While You’re All Doing A Poo

That last tech-free sacred space – the toilet – is under threat from an app. Pooductive lets you anonymously chat to other people who are pushing one out at the exact same time as you. Isn’t technology beautiful?


There are two types of people: those who use toilet breaks to scroll through Instagram, and those who use it for quiet contemplation. If you fall into the latter camp then you might be outraged to know that there is an iPhone app designed to keep you busy while you poo.

Pooductive connects poo-ers to each other from across the globe and within their local areas. You can choose between joining a group chat or having a one on one (for an even more intimate experience), and send users song names and phrases to describe your poo (we like ‘Tears In Heaven’ by Eric Clapton). The app producers even plan on introducing games in the future.


You can download Pooductive here.

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